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The Natural Beauty Difference


Olive Natural Beauty Clarifying Candles are out of this world. They are absolutely beautiful to look at, burn slowly, and give off a subtle, clean scent. The wooden wick adds a nice touch. I especially love the Radiant Rose, Lavender and Lemon, and Oats and Honey.

Molly, GA

I love Olive Natural Beauty Savior Salve. It's great for your lips, cuticles, and any other dry area.. It's strong enough for winter and light enough for summer!

M.C., VT

My favorite Olive Natural Beauty product is the Savior Salve. I keep a tin at my desk at work, and use it several times a day. Even though it sits right next to a bottle of hand cream, I always seem to end up applying it as a lip balm, and to my cuticles and rough parts of my hands because it doesn't make my fingers slippery on my keyboard. It is a great double duty product!

Aubrey, MA


ONB working with Valley Venture Mentors

"What we've heard back from people involved in the program is that VVM has created the right atmosphere," he continued, "one that allows people to come out, allows them to interact with one another, and drives them to want to build the ecosystem and make it stronger." Jess Dupuis says VVM has been instrumental in helping her map out plans for taking her beauty products venture to the next level. In 2010, she started a business called Olive Natural Beauty, which manufactures and distributes a line of olive-oil-based beauty products, now sold through 20 retail partners.......Read More

ONB New to Healhty Living

Many of us keep extra virgin olive oil in the kitchen cupboard but did you know that extra virgin olive oil actually has amazing benefits for the skin? Rich in Linoleic and Oleic acids (aka main cause of dry skin) can be found in it's purest form of the oil. This and many other benefits of olive oil can actually help make your skin look younger by reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. These are just a few of the reasons that we are joyed to be able to bring your Olive Natural Beauty line to the shelves of our Health and Wellness department......Read More

A Distinctive Style Magazine

Springn fashion trends....Read More

Beauty Test Dummies

For starters, this natural soap smells amazing. It's made with lemon, lemongrass and lavender oils, and I smelled it as soon as I opened the Beauty Army box in which it came.....Read More

The Green Connoisseur

Did you know that olive oil has been helping people enjoy smooth, hydrated, youthful-looking skin for almost five thousand years? Most people know about the benefits of using extra virgin olive oil for cooking, but it's all the natural benefits of olive oil as a skin care ingredient that provides the basis for Olive Natural Beauty products.....Read More

Legally Red Hed

I received my February Beauty Army Box last week, and just finished using the last of the samples this morning. I had significantly more luck with this box than I did with the January 2013 one, thanks in part to my researching the samples that were available to me before I selected them.....Read More

Dahni Coco

I truly apologize for this belated review. I actually received my Beauty Army kit for March 2013 a couple of weeks ago but haven't had any time until now to write up a review....Read More

Jill B. Youtube Review

March Beauty Army Kit....Read More

Must Have boxes

My first ever BeautyArmy box arrived today! I was squealing with excitement because I wasn't expecting it until tomorrow or the day after. I will show you pictures of all the fabulous things in just a moment! This is going to be a pretty long post, but hang in there, it's packed with information! So first things first…....Read More

The New Beauty Review

February always flies by in a blink so I didn't even get a chance to pick my samples for this month! Lol! The thing I love about Beauty Army is that even when I don't pick my own samples, they always pick awesome ones for me.....Read More

The Girl With the Closet Full of Cardigans

This is my first Beauty Army box and I have to say that I'm thrilled! I placed my order the last week of February and I got my box in a couple weeks ago, but I figured I'd review it anyway because I love this service!....Read More

News 22 Mass Appeal - ONB at Ode Boutique!

If you're looking for fashion for every occasion and beauty products that you can't find just anywhere, consider Ode Boutique , a women's clothing and fashion boutique in Northampton. ....Read More

Emily Reviews Gets Relief from Eczema with ONB

Both my Daughters and I suffer from eczema. My oldest and I have it on our hands. When she is coming down with a cold, she also breaks out on her upper lip. My youngest has it all over her body but, unlike my oldest and I, hers never seems to flair-up. No matter what we do, it just stays in the same minor irritated state. Because of this skin condition, we find it difficult to use body scrubs and lotions. I have had to try many different products to find a few that work for us....Read More

A local skin-care company has 'secret' ingredient

When it comes to skin care, Jessica Dupuis says, she's come up with products that will enhance natural beauty while also avoiding a host of unwanted chemicals and fragrances. What's her secret? Olive oil...Read More

A Review by Glitter.Gloss.Garbage

Your skin is the largest organ on your body, absorbing just about any product that it comes in contact with. Now think about the potentially harmful chemicals in your skin care products: preservatives, synthetic fragrances, and dyes. If you are seeking to ditch the products that may be potentially carcinogenic, give Olive Natural Beauty's skin care line a try.....Read More

Read the Review by12 Mile Meal

Olive Natural Beauty is a locally owned and operated business in Northampton, Massachusetts that uses the powerful and ancient benefits of extra virgin olive oil to produce fine hand crafted beauty products that are good for your skin and are 100% USDA Certified Organic....Read More

Coupon with Cents Reviews

Olive Natural Beauty (safe and gentle organic olive oil based skin care) sent me a few of their items to review and let me tell you, I love them. They sent body mist, chap stick and hand salve and I'm in love! The body mist is very crisp smelling and refreshing...Read More

Make Up Minutes Review

Tired with skin care products that dry out your skin with synthetic fragrance and alcohol? Try Olive Oil! Olive Natural Beauty is a new skin care and body products company with extra virgin olive oil being the key ingredient to hydrate the body....Read More

ONB Featured on The Naptime Reviewer

"Today is the day to join Olive Natural Beauty in their 'Save Our Skin" campaign on!"...Read More

NYC, Style and a little Cannoli Review

"I had the pleasure of meeting Jess, the owner of Olive Natural Beauty, on twitter recently. She has a fabulous skin care line which is made of natural products and olive oil."...Read More

Pandora's Deals Features
"Save Our Skin"

"Have you ever looked at the ingredients list on your skincare products?  You have to wonder what some of this stuff is.  And more importantly, why is it in all of our products, and why are we using them?  The stuff you put ON your body is just as important as what you put in it."...Read More

Texas Kitchen Review

"Y’all know I am a great big fan of all natural beauty products. The folks at Olive Natural Beauty are too."...Read More

Interview with Ode for Arts Night Out

"Creator of Olive Natural Beauty describes some of her new, organic beauty products.."...Watch Video

Review on Everyday Free Samples

"Olive Natural Beauty products are handmade fresh in small batches to ensure the highest quality of ingredients and to deliver a powerful and magnificent final product that keeps your skin Resilient, Healthy, Youthful, and Radiant- natural beauty."...Read More

Review on Frugality Is Free

"Olive Natural Beauty is a series of handmade natural olive skin care products, which are made from high-quality products with no preservatives. Olive Natural Beauty products have been created from the finest ingredients, and the high-quality shines through to the efficiency of the products."...Read More

Review on MissGiveaway

"After a rough day, nothing is more therapeutic than shopping for or lathering myself up with my favorite products."...Read More

Olive Natural Beauty in A Distinctive Style

"Jess Lauren of Amherst, Massachusetts is a go-getter. She works as the office manager for a wheelchair company. She's a singer-songwriter who in the process of releasing a demo. She's the founder of Olive Natural Beauty, an organic, all-natural product line currently available at two retail stores in Massachusetts."...Read More

Daily Beauty Reviews Olive Natural Beauty

"As product junkies, one of the highs we get is discovering new products that we truly love. Olive Natural Beauty is my next obsession. It's a small brand with only seven products, but it contains all the elements of a significant find: effective ingredients, support for a cause, intoxicating scent, amazing texture and beautiful packaging. "...Read More

A Zen Moment at Ocean Drive

"I think it's been pretty well established that we're workaholics over here at Ocean Drive. Between promotions, website launches, work events, and attempts at, you know, actual social lives, it can be a struggle to find a spare minute just to relax.".... Read More

Olive Natural Beauty in Volleyball Magazine

Olive Natural Beauty was featured in the Dec. / Jan. 2011 Gift Guide issue of Volleyball Magazine... See Gift Guide

Henry White sits down with Jessica Dupuis

Spotlighting Paradise, host Henry White sits down with Jessica Dupuis, owner of Olive Natural Beauty, to discuss... Read More

Hotsy Totsy Beauty Review

Olive Natural Beauty was reviewed by Hotsy Totsy Beauty. This candle looks beautiful and smells divine.. Made with domestic kosher soy wax... Read More

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