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Staying balanced is hard — too much oil and we have unwanted build-up which leads to dullness and clogged pores. Too little oil or too much cleansing and your skin kicks into over-production and we find ourselves with excess oil and a shiny, sotted complexion. 

Olive Natural Beauty is dedicated to effectively caring for your skin in a transparent, safe & natural way. We know how hard it can be to keep track of what’s safe and what’s not, so we’ve taken it upon ourselves to make things easier. That's why we've developed the perfect 4-step daily facial regimen that you can count on for healthier looking skin, not to mention a healthier conscience and a healthier you.

Found in each of our Facial Care Products, Our Natural Beauty Concentrate acts as your skin’s front line of defense from environmental damage such as free radicals. Skin that is not properly taken care of can attract free-radical damage and cause the aging process to progress more quickly. The ONB Concentrate harness a blend of botanicals known to enhance cellular turnover and to bring skin to a naturally balanced state. Developed to protect the skin’s delicate PH, the carefully balanced botanical concoction of plant-based extracts and concentrates soften, sooth, balance and restore the skin’s natural radiance. Pay respect to the Earth, yourself, and your skin and feel the goodness of Olive Natural Beauty! Consider this your skins daily multivitamin!

For Best Results: Use as 4 step daily facial care regimen. Cleanse with Olive Facial Cleanser, scrub with Olive Goddess Glow Facial Scrub, tone with Olive Natural Beauty Elixir, and moisturize with Olive Facial Moisturizer.

The Olive Anti-Aging Facial Skin Care Starter Kit includes (1) 3.5 oz The Olive Face Facial Cleanser, (1) 2 oz The Olive Face Facial Moisturizer, (1) 2 oz The Olive Face Beauty Elixir, and (1) 4 oz. The Olive Face Goddess Glow Facial Polish.