Rich in Linoleic and Oleic acids, a deprivation of which is a main cause of dry skin, extra virgin olive oil is the least processed, purest form of the oil. High in vitamin A, B, C, D, E, K, and iron, the oil has been long known as the Mediterranean people’s secret of youth and beauty.

These vitamins found in Olive Natural Beauty products help skin to look younger by reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while deflecting and neutralizing free radicals that attack skin’s youthful appearance and cause up to 80% of aging. Olive oil helps promote a smooth, radiant complexion, while conditioning and restoring elasticity in the skin by fighting off free radicals. Olive Natural Beauty extra virgin olive oil will protect your skin inside and out!

Our extra virgin olive oil is a unique and unfiltered blend of award winning, estate grown olives that are cold-pressed within hours of harvest, producing a fresh and fruity aroma. Our EVOO is also always food grade, has highest contents of polyphenols to help promote a smooth, radiant complexion, while conditioning and restoring elasticity in the skin by supporting collagen production and fighting off free radicals.

Olive is an evergreen tree native to the Mediterranean region. The oil itself is extracted from the almost ripe drupes through a method called pressing. The oil varies in color from a pale golden yellow to a dark green and has a heavy texture. Olive Natural Beauty uses 100% organic extra virgin in all of our products which is the purest, least processed, and most beneficial form of olive oil.  We source our EVOO from small specialty olive oil companies and groves within the U.S that are certified organic by at least one organization. Our EVOO has been recognized as:

  • Gold Medal Winner- Los Angeles International Competition
  • Gold Medal Winner- Central Coast Olive Oil Competition
  • Silver Medal Winner- COOC Competition
  • Silver Medal Winner- Volo County Fair Competition
  • Silver Medal Winner- Napa County Fair Competition

Olive Natural Beauty uses recyclable packaging as well as ingredients that include Good Trade fairly traded organic cocoa butter, and fairly traded organic shea butter through the African Fair Trade Council–profits of which empower women in Africa. Other ingredients are organically certified by the USDA, Oregon Tilth, and QAI, and our beeswax is harvested on the Washington Olympic Mountains using Old World methods where the higher altitude produces the most pure wax and supports our pollinators!


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